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HeyDenver provides free and confidential HIV and STI testing and sexual health services by gay and gay friendly counselors. Testing is currently available six days a week.


Testing by Appointment

Hey Denver is now offering appointments! Please note the PROVIDER, the TESTS/SERVICES OFFERED, the POPULATIONS SERVED and the LOCATION of your tests when making the appointment.  Appointments may only be made online.    Please refer back to the testing & hours page to see when we offer appointments, then click below to schedule your appointment. 





About No Questions Asked Testing 

We believe that all men should live healthy sexual lives. We believe that sex is good. And we believe that no one is better qualified to make healthy decisions about your sex life than you. To that end, HeyDenver is a resource designed to help men who have sex with men have healthy fulfilling sex lives. There are several barriers for people when considering getting tested for HIV. One of these reasons being the questions that are an important part of an accurate risk assessment. In order to mitigate this barrier, HeyDenver will offer testing during specific weekly hours during when test counselors will not ask risk assessment questions. This is not to say that testers will not make an assessment of clients’ risks, but they will not present the client with questions if the client wishes to avoid this. 

1.    Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia tests are not available without proof of identification. It is possible to do Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing during discreet testing, but ID will be required for these tests. 

2.    Each test will begin with a clear explanation of confidentiality and HeyDenver’s obligation to report positive tests. This includes, but is not exclusive to:
-    All information is confidential and kept within our organization. 
-    If a test is negative, there is no need to share client information with any outside entity. 
-    If a test is positive, we do share basic client information with the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment. However, this information is shared on an entirely confidential level and is not made public in any way. 

Each client will be given the option to not test once this is explained. 


3.    Test counselors will gather as much demographic information about the client as they can, with a particular focus on name and contact information. However, there is no requirement to check identification. HeyDenver test counselors cannot continue a test without a name for a client, regardless of whether or not it  is an actual name. If I client does not offer a name, clients will be asked what they would like to be called for this testing session and that name will be put on the demographic form. 

4.    Before the test begins, each client must sign the consent form.


5.    The test will proceed as a normal testing and counseling session would, with a particular focus on the client’s concerns and questions if any are expressed. If the client does not want to discuss his or her risk, then there is no need to press further. 

6.    If there are any opportunities for appropriate referrals, these will be made as they would be during normal testing hours. 


7.    In the event that a client tests positive, standard reporting procedures should take place, ensuring that clients are informed of next steps and either connected directly with an appointment for a confirmatory test or given the appropriate information to do so on their own time.  


8. No Questions Asked Testing is now offered on Thursdays from 5-8:30 PM at HeyDenver.