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1720 pearl street
Denver,CO, 80203



HeyDenver provides free and confidential HIV and STI testing and sexual health services by gay and gay friendly counselors. Testing is currently available six days a week.

What to expect when testing at HeyDenver



Walking into HeyDenver

Why are so many questions asked during testing?

We understand that testing is a very personal experience. The test counselors do their  best to respect your boundries, and provide the service and experience that you want. Sometimes the test counselors may not know what sort of experience you want, and it may take some communication to establish that.



personal subjects come up during testing, and it may not be comfortable or beneficial to discuss behaviors

An equal amount of people who get tested at HeyDenver like that they have a place to come and talk openly about whatever it is they may be experiencing. If you do not want to be asked questions, that is your right, and we support that. We will access your readiness to test, as you will be receiving HIV test results during your visit. It is up to the discretion of the test counselor to perform a test. 

Why don't you give out test results?

Why are certain times at HeyDenver restricted to certain populations based on sexual orientation?

HIV testing