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HeyDenver provides free and confidential HIV and STI testing and sexual health services by gay and gay friendly counselors. Testing is currently available six days a week.

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Help Paying for PrEP/Talk to Tessa about PrEP

You can talk to Tessa one-on-one, or by phone, about how to get on PrEP! Tessa knows all the handy ways to make it an easy process! Tessa is not a doctor or provider, so she cannot evaluate patients or prescribe PrEP. If you’re looking for a PrEP-friendly doctor in Colorado, check this website! Or, if you have other questions like these…

  • Don't have insurance? No problem! You don't have to have insurance to qualify for low or no cost PrEP!

  • Have insurance but still think PrEP costs too much when you last checked? Tessa knows how to werk the system, and will get you the best deal.

  • On your parents insurance and don't want them to know you take PrEP? Tessa can help!

  • Have other life stuff not listed that is making it hard to get PrEP? Tessa can help!

  • Not sure if PrEP is right for you? No problem! Tessa loves talking about PrEP and is just as happy to spend time with you shooting the $#!T about what PrEP is/does/and will be!

Talking to Tessa doesn't cost you a thing!  Call or text her at 720-248-8170 and get the info you need to achieve your ideal sexual health!     You can even schedule an appointment online to talk with her.   Click here.